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    Please visit these websites for more information, history, and photographs of lighthouses. By clicking on the links below, you will be opening a new window. This window will stay in place while you peruse the links. No need to lose your way!

    Fine Art of Lighthouses, Beaches, Boats and Seascapes, by Derek McCrea


    One of the finest museums for maritime history. They offer a terrific virtual tour.

    Carolyn McNeil's site teaches a vast array of stitches--I was amazed there were so many!

    New England Lighthouse, A Virtual Guide Jeremy D'Entremont's extensive and informative site, filled with terrific photographs and interesting stories about the lighthouses dotting the northeastern shores.

    This site has some spectacular photography and terrific historical information, as well as fascinating stories.

    This site has many related links and is called The Virtual Library. It contains the names of many of the world's lighthouses, lightships, and lifesaving stations.

    This site is really nice to see photos of lighthouses and read interesting stories. It also contains related links.

    Lighthouses by Andy--pictures and history of lighthouses and a whole lot more! You can add your own photographs to his collection just an e-mail away. Terrific storefront for lighthouse merchandise.

    Lighthouse links by jlight. She has quite a few to choose from, so have fun browsing through her links.

    The Lighthouse Hunters
    Tom and Christine Cardaci's terrific website that features fantastic photography of over 1000(!!) lighthouses in the United States and Canada.

    Island Free Press
    All things happening on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with interesting history, articles and more. Check out the Accents Lighthouse ad here: http://www.islandfreepress.org/CatLocalNews.html

    Lighthouse Digest
    This site contains a terrific database for everything you want to know about lighthouses, keepers, the keeper's families, fog signals, shipwrecks-- and you can even shop for terrific lighthouse-related merchandise.

    Sea History Magazine
    This is the website for the official publication for the Maritime History Museum. Please consider subscribing!

    Eastern National
    Eastern National promotes the public's understanding and support of America's national parks and other public trusts, and is an association operating in more than 130 national parks and other public trusts. Accents Lighthouses supplies Eastern National Book Stores in North Carolina and Virginia.

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